Our team of experts consists of business, legal, technical, financial and marketing experts who are well-recognized at the forefront of the IPv4 marketplace.



Our team of experts consists of business, legal, technical, financial and marketing experts who are well-recognized at the forefront of the IPv4 marketplace.


Buy IPv4 addresses

We provide the perfect and accurate buying solution to your IPv4 address blocks needs by connecting you with our network of Sellers.

Sell IPv4 addresses

We help you to determine how much of your IPv4 address blocks you need to sell and can get you a maximum market value.

Lease IPv4 addresses

We are the best-chosen broker to connect you with our trusted network of clients for leasing your assets at a fair price.

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You have probably heard of a lot of companies choosing us to cater to their IPv4 address requirements. If your organization has plans to sell or buy address space, choosing to do business with us can net you lucrative as well as consistent results over the long term.

Why choosing IT Data is the smartest thing to do when speaking of IPv4 resources?

We are among the few pioneers in IPv4 address brokerage services. Our team of consultants provides an end-to-end solution for your selling, Buying & lease requirements regarding IPv4 addresses

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Overcome the buying challenge

We strive to provide you with the best and accurate buying solutions to your IPv4 address block needs by smoothly connecting you with our widespread and rapidly growing number of sellers, ensuring you close successful deals and overcome the challenge.

Buying made smooth and easy

IT Data offers a revolutionary service that connects buyers with sellers to ensure a smooth, transparent and hassle-free transfer of IPv4 address space to meet all your business specific requirements. We make it fast, convenient and reliable.

Reasons to buy IPv4 from us

Purchasing IPv4 addresses is not always a straightforward prospect; in fact, it often gets too complex to viably manage alongside your own business operations. We spare you significant time and effort by acting on your behalf, and buying the requisite IPv4 blocks.


The demand for IPv4 is increasing rapidly which has exhausted the supply and created a shortage. To meet their business needs, buyers are willing to pay a good price to sellers. If you want to put IPv4 addresses up for sale, then now is the best time. We have the perfect combination of wealth of experience and industry knowledge. We can help you determine how much of your IPv4 address blocks you need to sell and can get you a maximum market price. We can connect you with trusted buyers and help you sell fast.


The current situation seller’s market situation affords sellers of products and services an upper hand in price negotiations. As things stand, we are able to bring even more value to a person seeking to sell IPv4 addresses, thanks to our long and profound experience gained through negotiating more than 600 successful transfers since we set up. We have an extensive buyer contact base, and many of the names in them do repeat business with us, for obvious reasons.

Lease IPv4 addresses with confidence

If you are interested in leasing your IPv4 space/address blocks instead of selling them to buyers, then contact us. We are a trusted and reputable IPv4 brokerage service. Our attributes like strong customer commitment, quality assistance, integrity, transparency of services and diligence have earned us an outstanding industry reputation.

Lease IPv4 addresses for short and long term

These days, running a successful online business is based heavily on having access to a reliable hosting platform. For many, this space needs to be rented or bought, which is good for people that have more IP space than they plan on using. Renting IPv4 space to someone else on the internet is a good way to make money from something in such high demand.

Our benefits


Better Security

Letting us help you buy IP addresses brings you the benefits of stepped-up security, including data encryption. While addresses are running out, the safety of the protocol has been going nowhere but up.


Larger Options

IPv4 uses countless routers and a hierarchal structure to bring enhanced functionality. The infrastructure allows connecting many different devices; some have no requirement of Network Address Translation to function through a strong firewall.



IPv4 lets you maintain both scalability and flexibility in online operations. For organizations which need to send and receive high-volume data, this is often a godsend.

Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to common questions using our helpful FAQs.

1. What do mean by IPv4?

IPv4 is the fourth version of the standard protocol adopted for transmitting the packetized data across worldwide Internet. It is only the standardized format that has been achieved with global adoption and thus IPv4 capabilities are built into every piece of networked running equipment on the Internet today. These results in IPv4 accounts are well over 99% of all traffic on the Internet today.

2. How the size of an IPv4 number block is denoted?

The presently applied methodology for denoting the size of Ipv4 number blocks is called “CIDR”, or “Classless Inter-Domain Routing”. CIDR notation Indicates the starting number of a block and its relevant size, that’s defined as an IP number block that is followed by a slash, the decimal number with leading bits of routing prefix, for example, contains 65,536 of individual contiguous numbers that begins at and ends at

3. How the market value of an IPv4 number block can be calculated?

As with all commodities associated with trade market, the market price value of a particular number block increases with the demand of a fixed amount of supply and falls with available supply as we can say; with a fixed level of demand. But there might be some other significant factors as well,e.g., the rights associated with the IPv4 block,type of number block, size of the number block or the reputation of the numbers within the IPv4 number block, etc.).

4. Is selling IPv4 number blocks is legal?

Definitely, In fact the judicatures themselves have recognized the sale& purchase of IPv4 number blocks, as well as the transfers of IPv4 block assets in association with bankruptcies, acquisitions, and business unit restructuring activities. There are no such international or State, local jurisdiction statutes that prohibits the sale or purchase of the IPv4 number blocks. For certain IPv4 assets of IPv4 number blocks, the owners’ rights for the number blocks are restricted to a right-of-use defined contract. In these types of cases, there might be contractual restrictions which restrain certain types of IPv4 number blocks from being transferred to the recipient of a number block transfer.

5. How long does it take to transfer IPv4 addresses?

The amount of time it takes to transfer IPv4 addresses depends mostly on how quickly the buyer and the seller respond to the relevant RIR’s or RIRs’ requests for information and documentation to support the IPv4 transfer process. This generally ranges from 3 days to 2 weeks.

6. How can I contact you?

The easiest way to reach us is by filling out the Contact Us form or, by sending us an email directly.

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